Re-branding of Fitts, Roberts & CO., P.C.

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As we have mentioned before, it is important to not put your marketing or branding projects on hold, especially in this economy. Fitts, Roberts & Co., P.C. is a perfect example of a company who has taken advantage of the fact that their competition has cut back on marketing while they have taken the time and money to emerge from the clutter and increase their efforts for the top spot in their industry.

And we got to help them do this.

Sometimes it is hard for companies to understand the importance and value of consistency with a brand. This was not a hard concept to grasp for Fitts, Roberts & Co., P.C. We helped with the re-branding of their logo, website, stationery, pocket folder, powerpoint template, report covers, brochure, inserts and more. With a re-branding project for a long-standing, traditional business, it can be challenging to keep the same brand image while creating an updated look.

Like most business, especially health care, insurance, accounting and tax, there are new regulation updates on a weekly basis. How often do you need to change marketing pieces that were created in a non-modifiable format? Most likely your answer is “all the time”. Before partnering with Tribe, Fitts, Roberts & CO., P.C. only had un-modifiable marketing pieces with outdated information that they didn’t want to send to clients. Our solution was to format their marketing pieces for print in Microsoft Word so they are able to make the appropriate changes to keep their clients consistently up to date with the important modifications made in their industry.

Another part of their rebranding was their website. It may be a surprise, but viewing information on the web is different from other media in the way you read from the screen. It is different how information is presented to you and what kind of information you can find. That is why it is important for your company to work with a talented designer to make sure that the text and graphics are easy and correctly absorbed by your website visitors. At Tribe, we have a planning stage with our clients to uncover the top three things the client wants their website visitors to do when they get to the homepage. This helps us achieve exactly what the client wants.

“Being an accounting firm, we’re limited in what we can do with a logo and website. Tribe Design took the very restrictive parameters that were given and worked within them to develop a very nice, memorable logo and a professional looking website. When we went live with the website, some people, even within the firm, commented about how much good information we’d added. In reality, it contained almost the same information as the old site, but Tribe Design knew how to lay it out so it would be much more user friendly.“ Steven Martin, C.P.A. Senior Manager Tax Services at Fitts, Roberts & Co., P.C.


In the end, the re-design is a huge success with great reviews. While their initial brand look was very conservative, it lacked originality. With Fitts, Roberts & Co., P.C.’s new brand they have a conservative look with an innovative, fresh feel.


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