Origin of Tribe

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Here at Tribe Design we are celebrating our 17th year of excellent customer branding and design. It’s hard to believe how much time has passed since the origin of our tribe. In commemoration of our anniversary I would like to share with you as I reflect back to the start of our great venture. When Tribe Design first started in 1993, we were a group of designers right out of college with very artistic, abstract portfolios. We were eager and ready to share our cutting edge designs with the businesses of the 90s. Because of this, our business focus was unique. We began working with church youth groups and other companies looking for a younger look and design. We had our first major learning experience about a year into our business when we worked with a client to design t-shirts for a tennis tournament. In the end, our unique, abstract design was a major bust to our client’s customers. From there we learned to start looking at our designs through the client’s eyes as well as our own. This lesson helped us hone in on our business, broaden our industry view and grow the company into who we are today.

The out-of-box thinking at Tribe Design is ever changing, but our company culture and values are not. We are able to adapt to change and be at the forefront of technology within our industry because of our special tribe. We are not afraid of change. We embrace and encourage new ideas and challenges every day. This sets us apart and gives our clients another competitive advantage.

Behind the talent that produces our client work is a team of business people who understand our client’s need for order, predictability and old-fashioned service.

We have been helping our clients emerge from the noise and clutter of competition. We accomplish that by improving brand recognition through marketing strategy and creativity. Effective strategic marketing is no accident. When you are starting a business or looking for a breathe of fresh air with your current company, you have to ask this question, “is your company going to emerge from the noise and clutter or are you adding to it?“

Effective business communication is extremely important now and in the future. While there have been many technology changes since the 90s, the technology advances are only going to increase more rapidly. We have moved from creating, designing and printing a considerable amount of direct mailers to creating, designing and branding PDF files for your customers to download from your website.

With this blog, our goal is to provide beneficial information related to your business and a less than 1,000 ft view of the happenings at Tribe Design.

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