Top Three Ways to Enhance YOUR Branding Campaign Each Year

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Ronald Reagan’s 1984 Presidential run for re-election is generally considered the most effective political brand campaign ever because of its simple, optimistic message, “It’s morning again in America”. This phrase was used both as a literal statement and to refer to the improved economic situation in the United States. When a political candidate runs for any government position, there is a need to build a brand, but what if it is the second or third time around? How do you change up your branding campaign year to year without losing its core identity?

In a year when charitable giving is low and ambitions for fundraising is high, there is a need to increase brand awareness for your campaign. In order to stimulate awareness for your campaign, you need to re-brand each year so past and future guests look forward to attending.

Whether you are branding for a political campaign or have a marketing initiative that needs a makeover, here are three tips that are sure to amp up your next brand campaign:

1. Be Consistent
Even though you may feel the need to go for a complete new look, it is important to stay consistent with your logo usage, fonts, graphics and color palette.

2. Re-Invent
It is time to think out-of-the-box. Stay relevant with your target audience and remember to keep things fresh.

3. Create a Visual Hierarchy
Keep in mind that most people don’t read marketing material. Create visuals that get the point across FAST!

Tribe Design has been working on the Jim Murphy Campaign since 1995. Each year we are given the opportunity to revitalize his brand identity. We are always consistent in logo usage, color palette and visuals. We take time to re-invent the brand image by researching the target audience and staying relevant. Looking at each of these direct mail pieces, you can see the brand message without taking time to read. If your campaign or marketing initiative needs any additional tips, Tribe Design would love to help!



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