Are Holiday Cards Important for Your Business?

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Summer vacation is over, and the fourth quarter / the holiday season is upon us. As the weather turns to highs in the 80s and the amount of joggers increase in Memorial Park, it is also time to start thinking about how you will show your appreciation to your customers and potential customers this holiday season. A simple gesture such as a holiday card can go a long way in fostering positive relationships between you and those who count on your company. Customized company cards can be a powerful way to thank your clients and encourage potential customers to partner with your company. You have the ability to show them how important they are to the success of your business and sending a card will build your brand as each recipient once again sees your company name in a positive light.

It is important to choose a high quality card that is attractively designed to fit your company brand or image. This is a way to remind your customers how valuable they are to you and your business. Your company will be directly associated with the custom card you send, so taking the time to work with a professional graphic designer is extremely important. Working with a graphic designer at Tribe will not only show thoughtfulness to your customers, but will also display your professional image and leave each customer with a lasting impression of the quality of your company. Sending out a cheaply made card can send a message that your business is struggling in this economy or that your customers really aren’t worth the investment in a quality card.

Looking for something a little more eco-friendly and don’t want to spend money on postage this year? You can still keep a professional feel for this holiday season by sending a custom designed e-card.

One of the most important parts of your business is maintaining customer relationships. The holiday season is an excellent time to put forth effort into those relationships that are crucial to your business. A simple way to thank your current customers for their business and encourage them to continue their relationship with your company is by thanking them for their business this holiday season. Sending a company holiday card or e-card shows them you care about their business and want to maintain that connection. You should also consider sending cards to past customers as well. Building rapport with this group of people might be what reminds them of your business and may encourage them to use your services in the future. It’s a small investment that can pay off big in the future.

There are also options to consider when it comes to what type of card you will send. While some companies opt to share Season’s Greetings in December, some choose a less popular holiday to send cards like Thanksgiving. And of course, don’t forget the importance of a handwritten signature. It adds a personal touch that no card should be without. The bottom line is to stay connected with your customers and potential customers with a touch-marketing program for your year-end project.


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