Why Businesses Are Thriving In This Economy

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A hot topic with businesses right now is how to thrive in this economy. Fox News recently reported a story about McDonalds and why the changes they have made are helping their business thrive in this economy. The three points that were made in this video are efficient changes we can all make in our business. They are successful points that we incorporate at Tribe Design and help our customers with this as well.

  1. Evolution – While it may seem like an obvious point for success, sometimes businesses are unaware of how to evolve in a positive direction. At Tribe Design, our business evolves on a regular basis, but we also take the time to help our client’s brands evolve as well. We keep up with the trends in graphic design and also keep up with technology advances that impact our business and our clients’ businesses, especially on the marketing side.
  2. 24 Hour Access – You are probably wondering what McDonalds 24-hour drive thru service has to do with our businesses. At Tribe Design, we give our clients accessibility to contact us at any time by email or cell phones. While most businesses have the ability to be contacted at all hours by email, something else we give our clients, is the ability to market their business 24 hours a day online with a website. As we all know potential customers can be online at all hours of the day. Isn’t it nice to have an efficient website for them to be able to find information about your business when they need it? If you cringe when you think about your potential clients reviewing your website against a competitors to get important information, then it is time to evolve your website for a more efficient around the clock marketing tool.
  3. Give the Customers What They Want and Fast – Not all of our businesses can produce as fast as a McDonalds drive thru, but we are all aware of the increasing time demands for the finished product or service in our businesses. When doing business with Tribe, you get good creative design work fast. While speed is important, it doesn’t matter how fast the work is done if the finished product or service isn’t satisfactory. Another thing that potential customers want fast is information about your company. When you first meet a potential client do you have the right marketing materials such as brochures, sales presentations, product catalogs, etc. to give them right now? If not, you may be missing out on a business opportunity.

After reading this, you may see some positive changes you need to make in your business. You can start by improving your company’s brand image or identity so you can thrive in this economy.

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