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Business is no longer put into two different categories of B2B and B2C. There is a new category called B2P. B2P is business to people. As you may have realized with rapid technology changes we now market to people, not just businesses or consumers. With this true personalization of technology, not only is your business visible to people in your immediate community, but also people around the world.

Business, technology and people are overlapping so much with the use of mobile phones, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that it is truly changing the impact found in today’s global economy.

So how will your business compare to your competition?

Today, when news hits or things change, we feel the impact immediately. This signifies why design is becoming increasingly important to your business strategy.  To succeed today, your business needs to be able to:

  1. Adapt to change quickly and incorporate your brand
  2. Make a plan for your ever-evolving brand
  3. Be aware of your brand and how it will translate

A professional graphic designer can help you achieve these goals.

  1. With the philosophy of the ‘design is never done’ can make the design process well suited to react and adapt quickly to ever-changing markets.
  2. While you may not need a customized social media page now, a professional designer, designs with your future goals in mind.
  3. Designers have the ability to recognize patterns the enable communication in design to project the appropriate meaning to others through visuals.

While social media experts preach content is king, content doesn’t always translate visually like the right design does.

A recent eMarketer study shows that almost half of the study respondents complained that marketing materials were poorly targeted and failing to be personally relevant.

“Today’s consumers are much more technologically sophisticated than they were even five years ago, and they are demanding tailored and personal communications from those companies with which they do business,” said John McGee, president and COO of Thunderhead.

More recent research has shown that segmentation and targeting improves marketing results. In the end, impersonal messages could hurt brands because of poor targeting.

For more information about B2P branding contact Tribe Design.

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