Don’t let Your Website Redesign Turn into a Website Rescue

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Recently we came to the rescue of a client who had to learn some lessons the hard way during their website relaunch. They had chosen to work with a freelance designer on their new website design. Over half way through the process, everything was not going as planned (mediocre design, hard-to-use content management system, project delays). Instead of following through with the project (and being unsatisfied until their next redesign), the client made the decision to let us take over. We were able to step in and help with improving the design and layout, selecting a CMS platform that was compatible with their needs and adding site features would help bring new traffic to their site.

Starting from scratch, we developed a custom WordPress theme that is unique (client-branded) and functional. We did thorough research and testing with an array of plugins to fulfill the client’s requests (site functionality). In addition to activating the plugins, we customized the plugins’ default styles to match the website’s new brand look and feel. All content on the website was made to be editable through the Dashboard back-end. The client is now able to make content edits without relying on a web designer or programmer.

When you select a design partner to do business with, be sure they don’t over promise and under deliver. Here are the lessons our client had to learn the hard way:

Lesson #1 – Find a multi-disciplined web expert.
When you want a professional website built, the company or designer you choose needs to have a variety of skill sets. They need to be a creative graphic designer, a technical website builder and a marketing professional. At Tribe, we have a team of professionals who use their strengths to produce proficient work for each client.

Lesson #2 – Get a true needs assessment.
Most business owners research their needs before hiring a graphic designer. Ask questions and make sure you are satisfied with the answers. Did they review your current website? Do they know who your competition is? Who is the target audience/demographic? At Tribe, we do a thorough needs assessment with each client before we engage in a project.

Lesson #3 – Check the designer’s availability.
Whether you need your project completed as soon as possible or in the next few months, set a deadline with your designer. Create a timeline with milestones and hard goals for the project. At Tribe, we update our clients throughout the project and deliver in a timely manner.

“As a small business owner, I don’t have a lot of extra time. Tribe worked great as a team and communicated well at every step of the process. I felt like they really took good care of me.”
 – Rachel Eddins, Eddins Counseling Group


Sometimes we don’t make the right decision the first time around. Choosing a design firm with a proven reputation of satisfied clients will leave you pleased with your decision in the end. If you are considering a web redesign or need a site built from scratch, contact us today to see how we can help your Brand Building By Design.

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