What Your Brand Can Learn From the 2012 Presidential Race

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Getting elected to serve as the President of the Untied States is no walk in the park. Whether you have been watching the presidential debates or not, you can’t avoid the commercials and opinions of your friends and family about the upcoming election. The way these candidates convince the voters they are the right candidate is through effective brand marketing. When you are looking to market your brand, consider implementing proven practices used by today’s presidential hopefuls.

Put Your Best Face Forward – You never see a presidential candidate unshaven and in sweats no matter what time of day it is. Even the candidate’s staff always comes across put together and ready to do business. Treat your brand the same way. Make sure your entire brand i.e. logo, business cards, website, social media sites, other marketing materials and even your employees are all sharing the same message with your customers.

Apologize for Your Mistakes – As we’ve learned from Weinergate and Monica Lewinsky it’s best to own up to your mistakes and apologize. The truth will always come out. No business or organization is perfect. Your customers will appreciate you owning up to your mistakes and apologizing, no matter if it is a one-on-one customer call or on a social media site.

Know Your Constituency – Presidential candidates know whose votes they need to win to become the Commander in Chief. Take the time to research your target audience and make sure your brand focuses on those potential customers.

Lobby for Support – Politicians can’t run a campaign without support. Like the politicians, businesses and organizations need support too. Do your research to find efficient and trustworthy partners like Tribe Design to help you build your brand.

Be a Gracious Loser – Where there is competition there is a winner and a loser. As we’ve seen, politics can get ugly, but in the end the loser usually shakes hands with the winner on election night. In business you don’t always win. When this happens, it is in the best interest of your brand to avoid bashing your competitor, even if they deserve it.



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