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Tribe Design creates custom brochure package for Gulfco Forge & Machine.


Gulfco Forge & Machine understands that professional marketing materials establish credibility. We helped them create a capabilities brochure/folder complete with industry-focused inserts. The end result is a visually compelling custom presentation that makes them stand out from the competition!

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Find out how our brochure redesign helped University of Houston increase its enrollment by nearly 20%.


For recruitment purposes, The University of Houston College of Technology needed a cohesive way of showcasing their degrees offered to graduate and undergraduate students. Their existing collateral consisted of loose promo cards with descriptions about their various programs. The current graphics needed to be updated to comply with the new branding …Read more

How to create engaging marketing literature that showcases technical expertise


Off the shelf expendables and commoditized products continue to become less desirable in the oil and gas industry. The manufacturing and operating model of leading suppliers has shifted away from the ‘cheaper, faster, quicker’ mentality to produce premium goods for operators and service companies. Events such as the Exxon …Read more

Creating Marketing Material without Sacrificing Visual Appeal


You don’t have to sacrifice function over form when it comes to the professional, visual appeal of your marketing material. Not all industries have glamorous products and services (like mobile phones and entertainment). This doesn’t mean that you have to settle for marketing materials that look like your competitors …Read more

How can graphic design give your products personality?


We recently designed the cover artwork for several of Tri-Sen System’s product brochures as well as their application guide. Traditionally, their products have been shown in a fairly straight-forward way – clean shots of the product on a white background. After all, buyers need to …Read more

School is out but Lee College’s graphic design is kicking into high gear.


Our client, Lee College, asked us to design a recruitment magazine, called “NEXT”, for high school students and graduating seniors. The design needed to resonate and be appropriate to an audience of young adults.

The articles in the magazine gave a personal insight into the Lee College experience. They highlighted …Read more

Need Professional Graphics to Promote Your Event?


Hosting any event takes much coordination, cooperation and a great amount of team work. The last thing anyone would want is for all of their hard work ultimately look unorganized and unprofessional. Just like you may have different committees or departments handling certain areas of the planning, you may …Read more

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