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Our creative invitation design produces great results (and gains marketing recognition).


Our client, Trees of Hope, conducts fund raising activities for the exclusive benefit of Star of Hope Mission. Its yearly holiday-themed gala provides a delightful evening of great entertainment and a marvelous array of silent auction items, trees and wreaths. But how could this year’s invitation convince potential donors …Read more

Need Professional Graphics to Promote Your Event?


Hosting any event takes much coordination, cooperation and a great amount of team work. The last thing anyone would want is for all of their hard work ultimately look unorganized and unprofessional. Just like you may have different committees or departments handling certain areas of the planning, you may …Read more

Is it smart to leverage your marketing to promote brand awareness with an event?


In honor of the 2011 NCAA Men’s Final Four in Houston, we are taking a look at how business’s leveraged their marketing campaigns to promote brand awareness with the Final Four.

In order to capture a large audience’s attention many Houston businesses have launched marketing campaigns branded with the 2011 …Read more

Are Your Marketing Pieces Consistently Fresh?


Consistency is a re-occurring theme in our blog, but this time we are talking about bringing consistently fresh ideas to a reoccurring project. As most businesses struggle with this concept, some capitalize on their reliability. For example, David Letterman features reoccurring segments like the Top 10 List, Dumb Ads …Read more

How To Ensure A Successful Event


If you want a good turn out for your upcoming event, but haven’t taken the time to do the research on your target attendees, then you won’t get the results you want. Even the most well conceived events need powerful marketing materials to fill the seats. How will you …Read more

The Appeal Of An Invitation

ShareLike a handshake at a business meeting, the invitation is the first impression of any event. Can an invitation set a tone of success for an event?One of our clients thinks so…
Dear Francisco, My heavens, where do I begin to thank you for the miracle that occurred at the Star …Read more