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Creating Marketing Material without Sacrificing Visual Appeal


You don’t have to sacrifice function over form when it comes to the professional, visual appeal of your marketing material. Not all industries have glamorous products and services (like mobile phones and entertainment). This doesn’t mean that you have to settle for marketing materials that look like your competitors …Read more

The POWER of an Infographic


A recent article in the Houston Business Journal, Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Viral Infographics, suggests that a great tool business owners should be using to grow their business online is infographics. According to Google, searches for infographics have increased 800 percent in …Read more

Top 10 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before You Meet with a Graphic Designer


The ability to communicate well is one of the chief factors in business success. You could be an excellent business owner, but if you don’t know your audience or your brand goals – your potential is limited.

Before you take on your next marketing project with a graphic designer, take …Read more

Is it time to rebrand? Looking for eye-catching marketing materials?


See how Tribe Design transformed VIV Solutions for their tradeshow event.

VIV Solutions was thrilled to work with Francisco Rios and the Tribe Design team on our company’s recent rebranding campaign. Our primary goals were to increase brand awareness among existing customers and also investigate ways to reach out to …Read more

How can graphic design give your products personality?


We recently designed the cover artwork for several of Tri-Sen System’s product brochures as well as their application guide. Traditionally, their products have been shown in a fairly straight-forward way – clean shots of the product on a white background. After all, buyers need to …Read more

Happy Valentine’s Day from Tribe Design!


This year we are celebrating 20 years in business! I am proud to say I am living proof that loving your job equals career success. In 1993 we formed our tribe. We started as a group of designers right out of college with high hopes for our great venture. …Read more